Faulkner Road

Umaa was appointed to propose 7 new residential homes on a site that was formerly a church ground. As the site is now vacant the client wished to seek to a new development that will fit cohesively with the character of the surrounding area.

The site currently sits along the streetscape Faulkner Road, between two semi-detached homes. The proposed layout respects its former setting, by continuing the rhythm of the existing streetscape and matching the roofline with its existing neighbouring properties. Plots are predominantly semi-detached with front garden and parking, following the same layout as the current properties on site.

The proposed properties take numerous cues from their surroundings utilising warm brick tones and adopting a clean traditional façade, enlivened with tile cladding. Strengthening its link to existing typologies.


Faulkner Road, Solihull, UK

RIBA Stage:

1 - 7



Faulkner RoadFaulkner Road
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