Ravenshead Phase 2

The project forms Phase 2 of the Ravenshead development of the Longdale Lane site. After previously working on Ravenshead the client has invited Umaa to prepare a new proposal for the adjacent land to Phase 1 of the Ravenshead master planning scheme from 2019.

This proposal will act as an accompaniment of 33 new dwellings on the land off Longdale Lane, a newly formed junction from the phase 1 development. The development will reflect on the existing suburban character of the area, and provide a range of high-quality traditional homes.

The proposed dwellings will primarily be 2-storey with a small range of bungalows and 2.5 storey around the centre on the site. As the site is situated within a rural, village setting, traditional materials such as red, brown, and buff brickwork will be used, this will also form a coherent style with the previous phase properties.

The site naturally has a large biodiversity count, with an existing tree screening along the boundary of the site. Keeping with the rural and green site, ecology and greenspace will be encouraged on site, by introducing new areas of biodiversity planting and wetland habitat on the Southeast of the site. Whilst also continuing and extended the green corridor between phase 1 and 2.


Ravenshead, Mansfield, UK

RIBA Stage:

1 - 3



Ravenshead Phase 2Ravenshead Phase 2
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