Spring Head

For this project, Umaa was assigned to propose a redevelopment of a vacant town centre site into a new building that will strengthen existing residential and commercial uses and offer a subtle contemporary interpretation of traditional contextual details.

The site forms an infill plot between two existing mixed-use properties. A full frontage will be created with a 1m offset on both sides adjacent to the neighbouring properties, which will serve as apartment entry access and service access for reuse and recycling. At street level, the building line will be set back of the pavement with existing footways and shopfronts recessed to articulate the design and create a wider pedestrian space.

The proposed scheme comprises a mixed building of 2.5 storeys of 12 residential units above 2 commercial units located on the ground floor. The design will adopt a contemporary façade using a palette of modern materials such as blue brick and flashings and details made from anodised aluminium in brass. The choice of materiality will help create a contrast with existing neighbours, whilst the design and mass of the building mirrors the local vernacular and heritage of the area.


Spring Head, Wednesbury, UK

RIBA Stage:



Mixed Use

Spring HeadSpring Head
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